Water / Drainage

Regulation and management of water has been an issue long before Minnesota was a state. Legislative and Judicial management of water has a history dating back to some of the earliest records of the state of Minnesota. Today there is an ever-increasing need to understand Water and Drainage Law. Our attorneys have been representing governmental entities, including Watershed Districts, Counties, Cities and Townships for more than forty years. Our experience also includes representing individuals in water and drainage related cases.

Our attorneys have been involved in complex flood mitigation projects, ditch proceedings, including ditch establishment, maintenance and benefit proceedings. One of the fast growing concerns is the improved agricultural practices and the necessary use and regulation of drain tile. Additionally, our attorneys also have a detailed understanding of individual property rights and, in many cases, the investigation, commencement and completion of condemnation or eminent domain proceedings. We have also represented numerous clients with matters involving development, lake quality, and shore land management issues.

Farm, Surface, Flood Water Issues
Watershed Districts
Government Regulations
Statutory Drainage Projects

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